Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October 2010

I am soooooo bad at keeping up! It is amazing to look back and see all the changes. My how time flies. It is getting to be so much fun. My...the personalities are all so different. :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Catching up!

Ivy on our 1st camping trip - June 2009

Royce - June 2009

Grandpa bought Gavin a motorcycle.....he thinks he is hot stuff! No fear for sure!

Easter in Belt - April 2009

Me and Gavin- March 2009

It has been such a long time since I have updated the blog...sorry. The kids have grown and changed so much. The twins are so busy. They are literally into everything and are always going opposite directions. Gavin is loving kindergarten. He thinks he is so big because he gets to ride the bus. As most of you know, I have returned to teaching this year as well. I work Monday, Tuesday and every other Wednesday. It really is a great schedule. I have a nanny that comes into the house, so it makes it pretty convenient. I hope all is well with everyone. We wish we could see you all more often!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Holy Cow!

Gavin is in the orange hat
Royce in the tunnel
Gavin being silly

I appologize for being so behind. I really don't know where te time goes...seriously! The twins had their 9 month check up today and Royce now has passed Ivy up. She weighs 20 pounds and is 28 inches and Royce weighs 20 pounds 10 oz and is 28.75 inches. I never thought I would see the day he would pass up his sister. Royce is crawling everywhere! He has figured out that he is mobile and that scares me! Ivy is scooting around and it will not be long before she figures it out...I am in BIG trouble then! Gavin still loves being a big brother....he sure dotes on them. He is in karate and tests for his orange belt on Fri. He also just started soccer again, so we keep busy running him to school and sports.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Where did January go?

Miss Ivy Grace
Big G loves bathing with the babes!
Mr. Royce

Gavin, Daddy and Uncle Ron

Bathtime fun!

Silly, Royce!

Gavin's snow chicken!

Woody and 55

Holy cow, am I behind or what? Everyone continues to grow around here. lol. The twins are sitting up real well now and each have two teeth. They continue to do more things everyday. Gavin is such a proud brother! He really can get Royce to laugh. It makes us giggle! He is starting to read three letter words now. I can't beleive how big he is getting. Kindergarten next yr...crazy! My Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Ron Smeins came for the last weekend in January for a visit. It was great having them here. Mom and Dad were also here for a few days before heading on their long winter trip. I hope all is well with everyone!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Memories of December

Gavin showing off his swimming baby!

Looking at Christmas lights with Emma Holtz

A santa visit

Mark pulling Katie, Gavin and Rebecca

Our little instrument man

Go Boise State!

Daddy and Gavin

Mommy and Royce making cookies

shouldn't that frosting be going on the cookies?

Gavin trying to show Royce how it is done

Sledding fun!

Such a big help!

Since I am a little behind, I thought I would share some of our December fun. We are all doing well. Christmas was pretty fun around our house this year. Gavin was really into getting some instruments, so needless to say, we have lots of concerts now. :) The twins pretty much slept through Christmas, but big brother Gavin made sure their presents got opened. :) It is sure hard to believe they are approaching 7 months. How time flies! Mark's brother and his family and his sister joined us for Christmas dinner and sledding fun. He has become the king of pulling sleds behind the lawn mower!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December News

Gavin in his new clubhouse that was built by the boys over Thanksgiving

Gavin is such a proud big brother!

Clubhouse fun!

Woody and 55



Daddy, 55 and Brenna Beardlsey

Gavin in the sleigh

Holy cow! Where does time go? I can't believe it has been a month since I have updated the blog. Sorry! As you can probably imagine, things can get pretty hectic around here. :) The Haynie's and my parents came here for Thanksgiving. It was great to see them! Mom and Dad came a few weeks early so mom could stay and help while Dad took a short motorcycle trip. It is always sad to see help leave. :) Gavin continues to enjoy preschool. He is starting to spell small words! The twins continue to grow. They are both teething right now, so that makes it a little fussier around here. Neither have accomplished rolling over or sitting up yet, but 55 is really close. I think Woody has a few too many rolls for those accomplishments as of yet. :) Gavin is anxiously counting down the days until Christmas. He tells me everyday how excited he is!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween already?

Uncle Paul and Woody

Yucky pumpkin guts!

Rebecca, Gavin and Katie with their creations

Woody and 55

Gavin as Woody with his preschool class

Our little tootsie roll, Mr. Incredible and chubby caterpillar

Wow! This month has been a busy one. Woody and 55 have started eating rice cereal at night. They are doing a great job with it. 55 is now sleeping through the night...maybe he could reteach his sister how it is done. :)

We had Mark's brother Paul and family over last weekend to carve pumpkins. We had a great time and enjoyed eating the pumpkin seeds after, thanks to Aunt Stephanie.

Halloween already? Gavin had a party at preschool on Thursday. He decided he would dress up as Woody for the occasion. Then, of course, he couldn't wait for Friday night to go trick or treating. The day wouldn't go by fast enough for him. We had such a fun time last night. Thankfully, it was a very nice, warm evening, so we were all able to go do a little trick or treating. We dressed up all the kids and drove the golf cart to 6 or 7 neighborhood homes. In case you were wondering, Gavin was Mr. Incredible, Woody was a caterpillar and 55 was a tootsie roll. Gavin and I then went to a church Harvest Festival (Harvest vegetable as Gavin said) at the Fairgrounds. There, Gavin played games and slid down a jump house slide. Needless to say, he had a blast! The best part is that we were home by 7:30! :)